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Department of Political Science

Professorship for Policy Analysis

The term "public policy" refers to the performance of a political system. Public policies make tangible the politics we experience in our everyday lives, even if we do not always perceive it that way. When we are sick and need medical care, we come into contact with health policy, which determines how we access the health care system; when we use electronic devices, we rely on regulatory policy for their safety and on energy policy, which guarantees the electricity for the devices; as professors and students, our activities at university are shaped by education policy; the list of further examples seems endless. As a sub-discipline of political science, policy analysis strives to explain the origin, design, implementation and consequences of policies in all policy fields and at all political levels (sub-national, national and international). The Chair of Policy Analysis pursues this goal with well-founded empirical analyses of theoretical research questions, which are always also measured by whether they are of practical relevance. The primary goal is to advance scientific knowledge about public policies. Furthermore, the chair is committed to incorporating findings from other sub-disciplines, such as comparative politics, political economy and international relations, and to contributing to their research.

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Director of the area


Post Docs:
Dr. Sacha Altay
Dr. Emma Hoes
Dror Kris Markus

Doctoral students/assistants:
Maël Kubli

Auxiliary assistants:
Daria Stetsenko
Dina Della Casa
Yating Pan

Main research areas

Regulatory policies and institutions, social policy, policy diffusion, methods.


Teaching and supervision

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