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Department of Political Science

Mittelbau community

Welcome to the community of PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers at the Department of Political Science UZH!

Community activities:

Pre-Publication Seminar

The Pre-Publication Seminar at the Department of Political Science offers PhDs and Postdocs the opportunity to present their research projects at an early stage in a more informal setting among peers and to receive feedback.

Peer Mentoring Program

Peer mentoring  is a voluntary and informal program to connect incoming PhDs and Postdocs with a mentor from a different chair. The intention is for mentors to provide practical advice and support (academic, social, bureaucratic) to help mentees integrate and thrive in the department.

Castasegna Retreat

Every year, members of the Mittelbau organize a 3-day workshop in Castasegna, a small and picturesque village. The workshop is aimed at PhDs and Postdocs, who can present their work and are provided with a space for exchange.



Mittelbau Representative

As of 2024, Philipp Kerler (Postdoc) and Fabienne Eisenring (PhD) represent their peers vis-à-vis the department leadership, administration and professors. Please feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or concerns.