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Department of Political Science

Department Management and Administration

Institutsleitung und Verwaltung

The planning, coordination and administration of the Department's funds and activities is the responsibility of the Department's Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the Head of Department, the Vice Head of Department and the Programme Director.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Department.

Board of Directors

Head of Department

Vice Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Silja Häusermann
Room: AFL-H-314

Prof. Dr. Thomas Widmer
Room: AFL-H-315

Prof. Dr. Silja Häusermann

Thomas Widmer

The Head of Department is responsible for the strategic management of the Department and for representing it with faculty and university leadership and the public. The Head of Department has a deputy, the Vice Head of Department. The department's conference is headed by the Head of Department, who is also responsible for the department's budgets, and the distribution of resources within it. In cooperation with all the professors of the department, it is responsible for the IPZ's study programs. The Head of Department is involved in chair planning as well as in the preparation of appointments. The Board of Directors is appointed for a term of four years at the request of the extended department management.

Study Program Management

Prof. Dr. Marco Steenbergen

The study program management is responsible for the conception, development and profiling of the study offer in all formats of the study program and supervises the quality of the teaching in the study programs. The study program manager is the contact person of the Office of Student Affairs (Studiendekanat). It is supported by the managing director of the IPZ as well as the Departments's teaching team, consisting of the study program coordinator, the exams coordinator, and the mobility coordinator.

Managing Director

Dr. Petra Holtrup Mostert
Room: AFL-H-318

Dr. Petra Holtrup Mostert

As Managing Director, I support the Institute's Board of Directors in its strategic and planning responsibilities. My main task is the organizational management of the institute and its, central processes.

My tasks include:

  • Strategic support of the directorate in the institute management in all matters
  • Head of the institute administration
  • Conceptual planning and processing of the institute's goals in research & teaching & finances according to the mission statement & strategy
  • Coordination of curricular planning & coordination with overall budget & personnel controlling
  • Acquisition of third-party funds (faculty, UZH central, external)
  • Maintenance of international contacts
  • Reporting to directorate and other boards
  • Head of controlling, finances and personnel management for the institute
  • Responsibility communication IPZ & public relations
  • Quality assurance and evaluation

Secretariat, Personnel, Finances & Controlling

Secretariat of the department

The Secretariat of the department is the primary contact for various matters and enquiries.

Head of Department Secretariat
Head of Personnel & Controlling
Assistance to the Managing Director

Administrative Assistance

Student Assistant

Maja Müller
Room: AFL-H-320

Samantha Held
Room: AFL-H-320

Emilio Witzig
Room: AFL-H-320

Maja Müller

Samantha Held

Emilio Witzig


How to reach us

Contacts and support for students

The secretariat of the department deals, inter alia, with the following tasks:

  • Assistance for the chairs and their employees, support for the Study Program Coordination team
  • Support for guest lecturers and academic guests
  • Receiving media requests 
  • Managing meeting rooms and community areas of the institute 
  • IPZ workplace related: access management to the building and its rooms, disruption notifications, room signage, furnishing
  • Support and organisation of meetings, events, support for projects, workshops and conferences
  • Finance related matters of the department: invoices, support for employee expenses claims, third-party payments 
  • Enquiries with UZH financial departments, financial reporting and controlling
  • Administration of third-party funds

Personnel & Controlling

Susanne Arlt

Room: AFL-H-317

  • Personnel Manager IPZ
  • Administration, planning and information tasks: uniform personnel and resource controlling and information to chair holders
  • Contact person for external offices (especially Human Resources, Accounting, Legal Services, Office of Economics and Labor, Migration Office)

Research & Teaching

Administrative Management

Dr. Hanno Degner

Room: AFL-H-316

  • Study Program Coordination
  • Academic advising BA/MA
  • Course budget, course planning & teaching assignments
  • Curriculum development and quality management

Assistance Study Program Coordination

Ksenia Steiner

Room: AFL-H-319

  • Administrative assistance of the Study Program Coordination
  • Course planning & teaching assignments
  • Publication of the semester offer in the course catalogue (VVZ)
  • Room and resource management, incl. finances
  • Campus management
  • Assistance to external lecturers

Exam Coordination & Internship Programs

Naome Czisch

Room: AFL-H-319

  • Entire examination coordination
  • E-Learning Coordinator
  • Examination dispensations, appeals & deadline extensions
  • Admissions & degrees
  • Qualification work
  • Subject bans
  • Internship program
  • Alumni Network

Coordination International Studies / Counseling Exchange Students (In & Out)

Sarah Krenz

Room: AFL-H-319

  • Organizational management of the mobility program of the IPZ
  • Strategic support of the Study Program Directorate & Coordination for the internationalization strategy of the IPZ
  • Mobility advising for Bachelor and Master students
  • Signing of learning agreements (incoming/outgoing)
  • Examination of dossiers for the recognition of external study achievements
  • Maintaining contacts with partner universities and developing this network
  • Transfer of credits

Project Manager Methods

Lecturer in International Relations

Dr. Manuela Spindler

Room: AFL-H-316

  • Lecturer in International Relations
  • Project lead "Integrative efficient methods training in university curricula"

IT and Infrastructure

Administrative Management

Przemyslaw Schmidt

Room: AFL-H-348a

  • IT manager of the IPZ
  • IT consulting for the various professorships and research areas
  • Support of employees as required
  • Supervision and support of IT projects
  • Procurement of hardware and software
  • Administration of the department accounts, including user accounts and email addresses
  • Online exams
  • Telephony (Telecom delegate)

IT Support

Daniele Azzarito

Room: AFL-H-348a

  • First- and second-level support for employees
  • IT consulting for the various professorships and research areas
  • Support of IT projects
  • Administration of the department accounts, including user accounts
  • Telephony (Telecom delegate)
  • Website, Newsletter & Social Media