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Department of Political Science

Studying Political Science

Studying Political Science

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Studying Political Science!

Political Science deals with structures of power and authority, the behavior of political actors at different political levels including local, regional, and national, the relationships between states, the functioning of international organizations, and many other aspects of modern governance and collective decision-making. Important complimentary and neighboring fields include economics, sociology, history, philosophy, and constitutional law.

The Department of Political Science (IPZ) at the University of Zurich offers a wide range of study programs at the Bachelor and Master levels.

The Bachelor programs are characterized by a broad thematic diversity and intensive methodological training. Current research projects of the institute are directly integrated into teaching, and connections to later professional fields are ensured through internships and external lecturers from business, administration, and international organizations. Additionally, with UZH’s largest international student exchange program, the bachelor’s program offers numerous opportunities to gain international experience.

The IPZ's master's programs offer a wide range of opportunities for specialization. They are strong in methods, research-oriented, and establish direct contact with potential future employers through special course formats such as Capstone Courses. The IPZ actively encourages internships and seamlessly integrates international exchange opportunities into the program.

Both Bachelor and Master programs can be combined with a minor from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF) or other faculties. This enables students to establish an additional academic focus beyond their major. Moreover, the master’s program in Political Science is also offered as a mono-study program (120 ECTS).

Political Science – Identifying Problems, Explaining Change, Developing Perspectives

Why Study Political Science in Zurich?

The IPZ is one of the most prestigious departments of Political Science in Switzerland and globally, consistently achieving top placements in various rankings, such as the Shanghai Ranking.

We offer:

  • a unique and broad study program in the BA; numerous combinations of minor subjects
  • attractive options for specialization in the MA
  • a profound education in the field of social science research methods with its own dedicated methods chair (unique throughout Switzerland)
  • a strong emphasis on practical orientation through the option to integrate internships and a wide network of employers
  • a pronounced international orientation and the opportunity for an integrated exchange semester at one of over 140 partner universities worldwide
  • a strong connection to current research in teaching, many opportunities to participate as a student assistant in various research projects, as well as in tutoring programs, including didactic training and first teaching experiences
  • excellent career prospects in both the private and public sector

The Online Study Choice Assistant provides further answers. And by registering with UZH-GYM, you can engage with our students. You can also reach them directly through the Political Science Student Association at UZH: Fachverein Polito

Overview of the Study Programs

You can find the application deadlines here.

Study Program


Study Regulations



BA Political Science Major
120 ECTS

Political Science STO BA Major


Matura / Abitur

BA Minor Political Science

Political Science STO BA Minor Matura / Abitur

MA Mono /
Major Political Science
120/90 ECTS

Political Science


STO MA Major

  • BA degree in the area of Social Sciences
    (from a university or university of applied sciences (then at least grade 5.0))
  • C1 German
  • Content: see study regulations
  • Admission from other disciplines possible with conditions
Swiss Politics
Political Data Journalism
Political Economy &
Democracy, Development &
International Relations

Master Comparative &
International Studies
120 ECTS

Comparative &
International Studies

MA Minor Political Studies

Political Science STO Minor
Politikw. Studien

MA Minor Social Sciences

Social Sciences STO Minor SoWi No none (but: Admission to UZH for MA Major)

MA Minor Methods - Data - Society

Methods - Data - Society STO M-D-S

Career Perspectives

Which career opportunities are available after completing your studies? Despite what many might assume, a degree in Political Science rarely leads directly to a career in politics. Instead, it opens up numerous career options in academia, public administration, business, NGOs, media, and more.

Key skills that will distinguish you after your studies are the ability to critically observe media, understanding and analyzing complex societal and political processes on various levels from local to global, strong methodological skills, especially in the field of statistics, the ability to think interconnected and work independently, and initial experience in project management.

The career you ultimately pursue should be based on your preferences and strengths. Many of our former students are now successful in fields such as journalism and media, political education, public administration, or areas of business, such as consulting or banking. Additionally, after the successful completion of a master’s degree, all doors are open for a career in academic research!

Here is what our alumni have to say: Graduate Brochure IPZ (PDF, 3 MB)

Contact Information





Study Program Coordinator & Student Advising  Dr. Hanno Degner 044 634 58 30
Exam Coordination Naome Czisch 044 634 39 71
Student Exchange Coordination Sarah Krenz 044 634 38 44
Technical Issues  Module Booking Student Services of PhF 044 634 54 10
Office IPZ Maja Müller, Samantha Held 044 634 58 35
Student Association Political Science Board of Directors of Fachverein Polito