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Department of Political Science Democracy Studies

Swiss PhD-Network in Democracy Studies

About the Network

The Swiss PhD Network in Democracy Studies offers young researchers from the social sciences and related disciplines a platform for intensive dialogue and the exchange of knowledge on the topic of democracy studies.


Members of the Network organize a variety of activities ranging from subject-specific courses to transferable skill workshops.

Each year a different partner institution of the Network takes the lead in the organization of the Swiss Summer School in Democracy Studies.

Any doctoral candidate affiliated with any of the institutions in the network is welcome to attend any course offered.

List of Cooperation Partners

The following institutions are part of the Swiss PhD-Network in Democracy Studies:

Partner Details about partners Participation
CUSO politique 2022 to date

Université de Neuchâtel

2022 to date
UniBe Université de Berne 2022 to date
GenevaGraduateInstitute Geneva Graduate Institue (IHEID) 2022 to date
SICL  Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (SICL) 2022 to date
University of Basel Department of Political Science 2016 to date
University of Fribourg

Department of Communication and Media Research
Department for European Studies and Slavic Studies

2015 to date
2023 to date
University of Geneva Department of Political Science 2015 to date
University of Lausanne Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (now: Ecole doctorale 2015) 2013 to date
University of Lucerne Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences 2013 to date
University of St. Gallen Doctoral Program International Affairs and Political Economy (DIA) 2013 to date
ETH Zurich Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) 2013 to date


The Swiss PhD-Network in Democracy Studies was established in 2013, as an inter-university network for doctoral students with a common interest in normative, theoretical, and empirical democracy research.


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