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Department of Political Science

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Bachelor (German only)

Our contact persons

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us for help.

Student Program Coordination & Advisory Services Dr. Hanno   Degner 044 634 58 30
Exam    Coordinator Naome Czisch 044 634 39 71
International Coordinator Julia Ramseier 044 634 38 44
Problems Booking Modules Dekanat PhF 044 634 54 10
Secretariat IPZ Maja Müller 044 634 58 35

Insights into Political Science (Trailer)

Take a look behind the scenes of our department and get first-hand information about political science studies. Students and former students tell about their activities, focus and future perspectives. Researchers present their field, go to key moments of their careers and give tips. Our managing director shows what the management of a political science department is, and what it takes for it. Unfortunately, the interviews are kept in German.

The individual video interviews can be found in our page "insights into political science" (German only).

Study contents and offering

Click on the film for more information on the structure and offer of the course.


Methods are highly valued at our institute and are represented by an own chair. For a brief look, please click on the movie below (German only).

UZH Alumni Political Science

UZH Alumni Political Science (founded as Verein Zürcher Politikwissenschaft VZP) is the alumni organization of political scientists at the University and ETH Zurich. The aim of the association is to promote the activities of the Department of Political Science and the Center for Comparative and International Studies and to maintain contact between the departments and their former students and staff. Former students of IPZ and CIS, current and former employees as well as other persons and institutions who have a close relationship to the IPZ and support the purpose of the association can become members.

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Studying abroad!

Studying abroad!

Do you want to go abroad and get to know another university? And thereby learn to understand foreign cultures and other political systems?


More information can be found at our page for outgoings.


An R-Helpdesk is offered every week.

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