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Valerie Sticher

Valerie Sticher, Dr.

  • SNF Postdoc
+41 44 634 58 52

Curriculum vitae

Valerie Sticher is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich (UZH). She employs qualitative and computational research methods to study strategic decision-making in armed conflicts.  

In her ongoing Postdoc.Mobility research project, Algorithmic Bargaining, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, she examines the effects of artificial intelligence on the initiation and termination of wars. She was previously based at Johns Hopkins University, AI Singapore, ETH Zurich, and Leiden University, where she studied the effects of emerging technologies and ceasefires in peace processes.


Armed conflicts, peace processes, artificial intelligence, remote sensing


Valerie studies the role of emerging technologies in armed conflicts and their contribution to the prevention and resolution of such conflicts. Her goal is to enhance our understanding of why leaders decide to engage in wars, the ways these decisions lead to violent conflict, and the strategies conflict parties and third-party actors might use to settle these conflicts. 

She also co-leads an interdisciplinary research project aimed at developing a tool to detect armed conflict events by combining open-access satellite imagery with deep learning techniques. Additionally, she collaborates in a research endeavor that seeks to identify humanitarian crises by analyzing nighttime light data.

Transversale Forschungsschwerpunkte am IPZ

Digitalisierung, Internationale Kooperation


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