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Tom Mccrae Hunter

Tom Mccrae Hunter, Dr.

  • Postdoc
+41 44 634 52 08

Curriculum vitae

Tom Hunter is a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of International Relations and Political Economy, where he works on the ERC Project “The Mass Politics of Disintegration”.  He obtained his PhD at the London School of Economics, where his thesis used innovative text as data methods to explore the causes and consequences of national governments’ home style: the presentational strategies they employ when presenting European integration in their domestic public spheres. His research interests include quantitative text analysis, comparative politics, public opinion, and the legitimacy and politicization of global governance institutions.



Transversale Forschungsschwerpunkte am IPZ

  • Politics and Inequality
  • International Cooperation


V-Nr Lehrveranstaltung Beginn / Ende Termin Dozierende Raum
von 22.02.2024
bis 30.05.2024
Do 10:15-12:00 Tom Mccrae Hunter AFL-E-022

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