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Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Daniel Chachu

Daniel Chachu, Dr.

  • Postdoc
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+41 44 634 50 90

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Chachu is a postdoctoral researcher within the Political Economy and Development Chair of the Institute of Political Science, University of Zurich. He is also associated with the University Research Priority Program (URPP). He studied at the University of Ghana and the Centre for Development Economics of Williams College, Massachusetts, USA. He holds a PhD in Development Economics from a collaborative PhD Programme between the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER) based in Helsinki, Finland and the University of Ghana. 
His research interests are broadly situated within the field of Political Economy and are at the intersection of Natural Resource Economics, Institutional Economics and Public Economics. Prior to his PhD, he worked across West Africa with a research and advocacy think-tank from 2004 to 2011. Between 2011 and early 2016, he worked within the United Nations community (ILO) in various capacities. Starting in 2020, he held a North-South Mobility fellowship, visiting with the Department of Economics of the University of Zurich. He has published in Resources Policy and in the International Review of Applied Economics.


Ökonomie der natürlichen Ressourcen, institutionelle Ökonomie und öffentliche Wirtschaft

Transversale Forschungsschwerpunkte am IPZ

  • Politics and Inequality
  • Democracy and Democratization


V-Nr Lehrveranstaltung Beginn / Ende Termin Dozierende Raum
von 16.09.2024
bis 16.12.2024
Mo 12:15-13:45 Daniel Ofoe Chachu

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