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Institut für Politikwissenschaft

UFSP: UZH TOPIQ – Zurich Talks on the Politics of Inequality


We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of UZH TOPIQ hosted by the Department of Political Science as part of the URPP Equality of Opportunity.

Mark your calendars for a series of insightful discussions around the topic "Social Mobility and Electoral Change"

Datum und Zeit

October 10, 5pm (CET): Torben Iversen from Harvard University.

October 24, 5pm (CET): Isabel Martinez from ETH Zurich

November 7, 5pm (CET): Andrew McNeil from the London School of Economics

November 21, 5pm (CET): Tabea Palmtag from the University of Zurich.


All talks will be held online via Zoom.


Registration for will be made available here.