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Reflections on European Security Post-Russian Aggression

Russia’s aggression full-​scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 destroyed the post-​Cold war security architecture on the European continent. Ukraine’s successful fight against the Russian Army surprised many and sustained Ukraine’s existence as an independent country. Russia became an outcast in most parts of the world and for instance NATO recognises Russia as its biggest threat. What is the future of European security during the Russian-​Ukrainian war and afterwards? Will Russia be included in the new post-​war security architecture and how? If and when will Ukraine become an EU and NATO member? How will the EU and NATO work together in future and is there a place for development of the EU’s strategic autonomy? 

This conference brings together leading scholars from Switzerland and abroad as well as European policy-​makers to shed light on the complex European architecture, highlighting salient issues and the implication of important contemporary developments. By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and exchanging research results, we aim to deepen our knowledge of this evolving issue, with opportunities for further collaboration, starting a European security research network, and transposing new scholarly ideas into policy-​making.


7. und 8. März 2024


KOL G 217

Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich