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The Dragon after the Pandemic: Reflections on Recent Political Developments in China

In a world where the dynamics of global politics are in a state of constant flux, China’s role as a global powerhouse has never been more pivotal. During the Covid-19 pandemic, China adopted an isolationist stance and pursued a stringent and rigorous zero-Covid policy. But as China reopens its doors to the world after several years of pandemic retreat, observers have noted a shift in the nation’s political climate. The CCP’s party-state regime seems more consolidated than ever, with tighter control over public discourse. Recent legislation discussions aimed at expanding state control over society and the economy have left foreign (and domestic) investors feeling uncertain. In addition, China’s post-pandemic economic recovery is marred by a looming crisis in its real estate sector, as well as other significant economic challenges. Meanwhile, global geopolitical tensions have surged. The U.S.-China trade war, China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, cross-straits developments regarding Taiwan, and alignment with Russia in the Ukraine conflict have raised concerns worldwide.
The primary goal of this workshop is to shed light on China’s complex post-pandemic political landscape, highlighting salient issues and important developments. The workshop brings together experts who have conducted extensive research on China’s recent political developments, with both domestic and international implications, offering insights into their broader implications. By fostering interdisciplinarity dialogue and sharing research findings, we aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of this evolving situation, while creating opportunities for further collaboration to navigate this new era of complexities and challenges in researching on China.
The workshop is open to students and researchers from UZH and ETHZ, as well as to members from the wider community interested in the topic.

Datum und Zeit

Mittwoch, 15. November 2023, 8:30 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr


KOL G 217

Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich


Prof. Dr. Daniel KÜBLER Department of Political Science, University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Baogang HE (guest professor) Department of Political Science, University of Zurich and Deakin University, Australia

Dr. Michiel FOULON, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

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