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Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Climate Change Mitigation Policies - R.Betz, M. Kammerer, V. Koubi

What makes climate change a wicked problem, and how do we untangle it? And more importantly, how do we speed things up? To fully grasp the complexity of the issue, let us take a step back and talk about the different interlocking levels that make this challenge so incredibly hard to tackle.

In this second episode of the SNIS podcast, we will discuss the many facets of the climate crisis together with our three expert guests: Regina Betz (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), Marlene Kammerer (University of Berne), and Vally Koubi (ETH Zurich). Join us to tune in on their unique insights on climate-induced migration, nationally determined contributions, and political will.

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This podcast builds on the interdisciplinary research funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies. The relevant SNIS projects for this episode can be accessed via the following links:

Regina Betz:…d-subnational-levels/
Marlene Kammerer:…limate-change-regime/
Vally Koubi:…n-conflict-processes/…change-and-migration/…-growth-and-conflict/