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Department of Political Science

PhD in Political Science

PhD in Political Science

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The IPZ comprises 15 professorships and research areas, covers a broad research spectrum, and thus offers a wide range of doctoral opportunities. For more information about research areas and optional doctoral topics, please visit the Research page on the IPZ website. Positions as research assistants or project positions for doctoral candidates are centrally advertised on the department’s website under the “Open Positions” section.

The doctorate in political science comprises a standard period of study of three to four years (up to a maximum of 6 years) and leads to the title of Dr. phil. (in English translation Ph.D.). It consists of the execution and writing of an independent research paper (dissertation) and curricular parts of 12 ECTS. To this end, doctoral students have access to a wide range of courses, including regular IPZ courses as well as methods courses specifically designed for doctoral students in the social sciences. An overview of all dissertations that have been successfully defended at the IPZ since 2006 can be found here.

The PhD. can be completed with a focus on Democracy Studies.

For all further information regarding the doctorate, please refer to the website pages of the Graduate School of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF).

Please direct your questions to the PhD Coordinator Social Sciences of the Graduate School, Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner.

Contact Information

PhD Coordinator Social Sciences

University of Zurich
Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner
Affolternstrasse 56
CH-8050 Zurich

Tel: 044 63 45212