The function of OLAT in teaching

OLAT is the e-learning platform of the Department of Political Science. A corresponding OLAT course is offered for most events in Political Science. OLAT fulfils several important functions:

  • Information on a specific courses is often published exclusively via OLAT. OLAT thus ensures communication between lecturers and students. OLAT also facilitates communication among students.
  • Learning materials are made available to students on OLAT for downloading.
  • Tasks and exercises are often distributed to students via OLAT. Study assessments - especially written papers - are in turn transmitted to the lecturers via OLAT. In some cases, OLAT provides students with assessments, evaluations and grades of their academic achievements.

OLAT and bookings

Modules booked through the module booking process are also automatically visible in OLAT within 24 hours.

Please note that the course elements (material folders, forums, etc.) are only accessible from one week before the start of the course.

Module bookings can only be made within the module booking period and only after payment of the semester fees and without meeting these requirements students also have no access to OLAT. The module booking in the module booking tool remains legally binding. Here you will find further information

If a module does not appear in OLAT, proceed as follows:

  • Check whether the module belonging to the business event has actually been booked in the module booking tool.
  • Check whether the registration was made with the UZH short name and not an account of another university/college or an employee account in OLAT.
  • Was long enough waited after booking the module (24 hours)?
  • Afterwards, students can register for support at lms-support@zi.uzh.ch by stating their matriculation number, the OLAT name (not the short name, but the name displayed in OLAT at the bottom left where it says: "Logged in as...") and the exact course title.

OLAT and the booking tool

The booking tool and OLAT are often confused.

Students register for various modules or courses using the booking tool. These bookings are recorded centrally at the university level. The booking tool is therefore an instrument of the university. OLAT is an instrument of the Department of Political Science.

OLAT registration and login

Here you can register and log in to OLAT: OLAT-Login

OLAT assistance

If you encounter problems while operating OLAT, several contact points are available to you:

Problems with OLAT login: AAI Validierung

General problems with OLAT: OLAT-Support

Problems with a single OLAT course: lecturer in charge