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Department of Political Science

Course administration - Module Booking and OLAT

Modules to be completed at the University of Zurich are booked via the so-called module booking, and can also be cancelled via it if necessary. For more information about booking modules please click here.

OLAT is the e-learning platform of the Department of Political Science. A corresponding OLAT course is offered for most events Political Science. Click here for more information about OLAT.

ATTENTION: Do not book lectures in major and minor that take place at the same time. Since the exams of the elective modules in Political Science generally take place in the last session, and other institutes do the same, this may otherwise lead to exam collisions. There are no alternative dates for our exams in these modules. You therefore risk losing an entire module. Therefore, please inform yourself in time and on your own responsibility about the exam dates.

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Do you have any questions?

If you encounter technical problems during the booking of political science modules, or if you have other problems with the module booking, please contact the faculty at


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