Application for Doctoral Program «Political Science»

Application process

The Department of Political Science welcomes applications from all over the world. We currently have around 68 PhD students. You will find all information below on how to apply.

The most important step to start a PhD at our institute is to find a professor, who agrees to supervise your project. Please check the IPZ webpage to find out more about the research fields at IPZ. We ask you to send your application directly to the professor, whom you have identified as your preferred supervisor. Your application should include the following documents:

  • Certificate of a Master of Social Science degree or equivalent, please include transcripts of grades. Students without a Master's degree in Social Science or closely related fields have less chances to be accepted to the PhD program
  • Other relevant certificates and transcripts
  • A short project proposal, (max. 5 pages), including research question and scientific relevance, and showing also, why you selected the professor and why the chair's field of research fits to your PhD project proposal
  • short CV

All other general PhD inquieries without the demanded documents will not be considered and are not answered.

If the application is successful, admission to the doctorate will be carried out by signing a provisional confirmation by the primary caretaker AND the program manager. Please note that students are only admitted to the Structured Doctorate Program by the program management, NOT by contacting the supervisor or other members of the department.

Please also refer to the information in the doctoral program leaflet:

Doctoral Program Leaflet (DOCX, 50 KB)(German only)


There are currently no scholarships attached to the structured PhD program. The doctorate phase is generally financed by appointment as an assistant at the relevant chair or through third party funding projects. Job vacancies can be found on the IPZ website under the heading "Open positions". Self-financing, e.g. Through foundations or scholarships is possible. The final admission to the doctorate program is provided by the UZH admission office as well as by the faculty. The admission to the program may be subject to required courses of up to 15 ECTS in the case if you have a degree of an external faculty or an other discipline than Political Science. The details of the requirements are determined by the co-operation of the full-time supervisor and the program management.