Once a year all program participants is given the opportunity to evaluate the program as a whole by means of a standardized online questionnaire. The evaluation covers the activities indicated in the curriculum and doctoral students' working conditions as well as their cooperation with supervisors, the board of directors and the program coordinator.

Between the years 2006 and 2017 also the Swiss National Science Foundation assessed the DPDS on an annual basis.

NCCR-Phase III (2013-2017)

2017 (PDF, 1884 KB)
2016 (PDF, 1941 KB)
2015 (PDF, 1920 KB)
2014 (PDF, 2640 KB)

NCCR-Phase II (2009-2013)

2012 (PDF, 1858 KB)
2011 (PDF, 956 KB)
2010 (PDF, 1673 KB)

NCCR-Phase I (2006-2009)

2008 (PDF, 100 KB)
2006 (PDF, 202 KB)