About DPDS

The DPDS has been established in 2006 as a Swiss training center for young scholars in democracy research which enables doctoral students to obtain doctoral degrees of such a quality that they can place themselves at the forefront of their disciplines. In 2013 the DPDS was institutionalized as a multidisciplinary doctoral program at the University of Zurich.

The academic program of the DPDS contains modules which expand doctoral students' general knowledge of normative and empirical democracy theories and their particular knowledge about the impact of globalization, democratization and mediatization on politics and society. Additional training measures are targeted to doctoral students' individual research needs and desires and are considered crucial for becoming a competitive scholar or professional.

To maintain and further develop its unique character, the DPDS successfully applied for third-party funding including Mercator Foundation Switzerland(2018-2023),  swissuniversities PhD Programmes TP 2 (2017-2020), SUC Doctoral Programs (2013-2020) and ProDoc (2009-2013).

Participants of the DPDS write their doctoral thesis - which can take the form of a monograph or a cumulative thesis - in an environment of internationally renowned scholars. This opens up new pers­pec­tives with regard to obtaining post-doc or professor positions soon after having completed the PhD (alumni).

Find more information in the DPDS regulations (PDF, 239 KB) (in German only).