Structural Doctoral Program «Democracy Studies»

General Information

The Doctoral Program Democray Studies (DPDS) provides an intensive, multidisciplinary doctoral training in theoretical and empirical democracy research. It is open to Ph.D. students in political science, media and communication science and philosophy who are interested in theoretical and/or empirical issues of democracy research.

The DPDS is an integral part of the NCCR Democracy, a multidisciplinary research network in democracy studies. The DPDS aims at academic excellence in terms of early scientific independence, international visibility and intellectual networking. For this purpose it provides appropriate framework conditions that enable doctoral students to write a disciplinary thesis in a multidisciplinary setting. More precisely, it supports doctoral students to identify and develop multidisciplinary research questions that are based on methods and theories applied in political science, media and communication science and/or philosophy.

Successful completion of the DPDS requires the fulfilment of two conditions: Doctoral students successfully defend their thesis and obtain at least 30 ECTS for activities defined in the Curriculum of the DPDS.

Interested students can apply for participation in the DPDS once a year, normally in spring for the following autumn semester.

Deadline of the recent call: May 31, 2016.

You are interested in pursuing your doctoral studies within the framework of the DPDS? For further information please contact the program coordinator Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner

Detailed information

You find detailed information about the admission completion of the structured doctorate "Democracy Studies" on the following pages: