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General information on the doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zurich can be found on the Graduate School website

Specific information on the doctorate in political science can be found below: 



The IPZ understands the doctorate as a training path to a scientific career. For this purpose, we impart competences in our thematic fields of work and offer comprehensive method training. An additional aim is to impart skills, such as writing research funding applications, university didactics, communication and leadership, which, in addition to the publication of articles in specialist journals and subject-specific experience abroad, promote the development of personalities who thus qualify for a further research career.


All information about applying for a doctorate can be found here

The IPZ welcomes applications from all over the world. If you are looking for funding for your doctorate, you can contact the  professors at the IPZ in your area of research interest or apply for  scholarships or doctoral positions.

Doctoral studies can begin any semester.

Course Of Studies

The course of the study can be individually designed. The curricular parts (modules) are chosen independently by the doctoral students in consultation with their main supervisor in accordance with the applicable doctoral regulations.

For quality assurance purposes, doctoral students are given appropriate and personal supervision from the outset by a professionally qualified supervision committee. This is documented in the individual doctoral agreement. The supervising committee meets with the doctoral student at regular intervals (at least once a year) to review the research work and the progress of the project and provides feedback.

All information about the curriculum of the doctorate can be found here: 

Doctorate (to follow shortly) according to PromVO 2019 

General doctorate (PDF, 192 KB) (PDF, 192 KB) according to PVO 2009
Structured doctorate (PDF, 59 KB) Structured doctorate (PDF, 59 KB) according to PVO 2009

Please register for the corresponding course modules via the online booking system. If it is not possible to register via the online booking system, please register directly with the doctoral coordinator, Dr. Doreen Spörer-Wagner. Further information on registration can be found under the respective course in the course catalogue.


All information about the curriculum of the general doctorate can be found here

Graduation according to PromVO 2019

Graduation according to PVO 2009

Graduation according to PO 2006

On this page you will find the complete legal texts of the doctoral regulations and the associated doctoral regulations:

PromVo2019 / DO 2019

PVO 2009 / DO 2009

PO 2006