The Department of Political Science welcomes applications from all over the world. We currently have around 40 PhD students. You will find all the information below on how to apply. Feel free to contact the doctoral administration, in case you need further information.

Unless you already have obtained funding you can contact the professors of your field of interest or apply for announced scholarships. Announcements can be found under PhD positions. In any case, you need to find a professor from the Department of Political Science who is willing to supervise your PhD project. Then you need to follow the application procedure as explained here.

Please note that students who fulfill the criteria as demanded by the Student Administration Office are admitted to the Doctoral Program by individual faculty members and not by the coordination of the Doctoral Program. It is absolutely essential that you should NOT assume that you could be offered admission to the Doctoral Program on the basis of contacting the Doctoral Program Administration.

If your application was successful then you are automatically a PhD student of the General Doctoral Program (Allgemeine Doktoratsstufe, 12 ECTS points).