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University of Zurich UZH

The Summer School takes place at the University of Zurichin two locations:

  • The Keynote Lecture will take place in the City Campus

Monday 12 September 2022
Room KOL E 18
Rämistrasse 71
8006 Zürich

from Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 September 2022
Room AFL E 019
Affolternstrasse 56

8050 Zürich


The University of Zurich was founded in 1833 and with its 28'000 enrolled students it is Switzerland´s largest university UZH Profile. As a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the university belongs to Europe's most prestigious research institutions.

How to reach Zurich

Zurich can easily be reached by plane and train. You can arrive at the Zurich International Airport, conveniently connected with the city through direct trains every 10 to 15 minutes.
You can also reach Zurich by train, arriving at the Zurich Main Station, Zürich HB, located in the city centre (ticket shop, timetable). 


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More useful information about:

Where to stay in Zurich

Summer School participants who apply and request accomodation have access to a visiting student facilities at the:

Swiss Youth Hostel Zurich

Hotel Hotel Hotel

© Zurich Youth Hostel

Otherwise, participants can make their accommodation arrangements at their own expenses. Zurich offers accommodation options for every demand and budget. More detailed information is provided by the Zurich Tourist Information or can be accessed here.