2016 Zurich - Representation and Governance

20 - 24 June 2016, Zurich

The 3rd Swiss Summer School Democracy Studies took place in June 2016 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and raised the issue of challenges to political representation in a globalizing world. Given that parliaments are widely considered the biggest losers in the shift of authority to international organizations, the Summer School provided theoretical and empirical insights into how societies, parties, and parliaments have responded to this challenge.

A mixture of lectures and intensive exchange between PhD students and established scholars characterized the 2016 Summer School. It gave PhD students a unique opportunity to discuss their research projects in small groups and with well-known experts from their field. The program involved five one-day sessions which focused on a particular theme related to the wider topic of Representation and Governance:

Various social activities, such as a group dinner with the experts and a sightseeing Zurich tour, complemented the academic program. The full program is available here (PDF, 1 MB)

Twenty-one doctoral students were admitted to join the event, of which 20 from 7 countries (CH, ESP, GER, HKG, ITA, PAK, POL) took the opportunity.

An online survey was conducted to evaluate the 3rd Swiss Summer School Democracy Studies. All 20 participants were invited to participate in the survey, of which 19 completed the standardized questionnaire. All answers to this survey were anonymized. The results of this poll are presented here (PDF, 1 MB) in detail.