How to Apply

Democracy Studies Admission Process

Applicants willing to join Democracy Studies should follow this three steps procedure:

Already enrolled UZH PhD candidates can directly 3. Apply for Democracy Studies

1. Find PhD supervisors

According to Graduate School regulations, the first requirement for admission for all prospective doctoral candidates at UZH is the binding consent of two professors to supervise the PhD project. All applicants should fill in the Provisional Confirmation of Supervision (PCS) in agreement with the prospective supervisory committee, sign it, and send it to the Graduate School for approval. Once the PCS is approved by the Graduate School, prospective doctoral candidates can proceed with the application and UZH enrollment process.

For any question regarding Doctoral Studies at the PhF please contact the PhD students’ Coordinator for Social Sciences Dr Doreen Spörer-Wagner.

2. Enroll online

Applications can only be submitted online.

  • Prospective doctoral candidates already matriculated at the UZH must apply for a change of study level from MA to PhD submitting a request via the student portal.
  • Prospective doctoral candidates not yet matriculated at the UZH must submit an application to the Admission Office. Applications are submitted via the UZH Application Portal.
  • Prospective doctoral candidates already matriculated in another Swiss university can apply for UZH incoming module mobility.

For any questions regarding the UZH application procedures, please contact the Admissions Office.

3. Apply for Democracy Studies

Once enrolled at the UZH, prospective doctoral candidates are eligible to apply to Democracy Studies.
DPDS welcomes motivated new PhD candidates from Switzerland (e.g. from institutions participating in the Swiss PhD-Network in Democracy Studies) and  from all over the world who:

  • Are interested in the topic of democracy
  • Hold an MA in Political Science, Media and Communication Science, Anthropology, Empirical Cultural Studies, Sociology, Political Philosophy, Political Economy or in a related discipline of the social sciences
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are enrolled as doctoral candidates and in an initial phase of their PhD
  • Bring their own funding (no scholarships available)

Within the first year of their doctorate, applicants should apply to Democracy Studies by submitting an Application Dossier in a single PDF file including:

1. CV

2. Statement of Purpose exposing their interest in joining Democracy Studies
3. Research Proposal including subject, research question and design of project they plan for their doctoral dissertation
4. Two letters of recommendation from professors, including their principal advisor at UZH
5. All university-level grade transcripts

scanned (please avoid high resolution and big file size)

Once you are enrolled at UZH, registered at the Graduate School PhF and have prepared the Application Dossier, you can fill in the form below to apply to Democracy Studies UZH: