Completed dissertations

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Betel Bekele, Birhanu

Transnational human rights pressure at critical political junctures and the behavior of strategically important, yet “vulnerable”, target states: Insides from the Horn and East Africa Elham Manea, Marco Steenbergen, Anita R. Godhes 2018

Burkadze, Zarina

Competing foreign influences and domestic coordination in democratizing Georgia: EU, NATO, US, and Russia Daniele Caramani, Marco Steenbergen, Frank Schimmelfennig 2018
Eberli, Daniela

Evaluationsnutzung im Parlament: Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Schweiz

Prof. Dr. Thomas Widmer, Prof. Dr. Fritz Sager, Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler


Kummerer, Julia Marlene

Climate politics at the intersection between international dynamics and national decision-making: A policy network approach Karin Ingold, Marco Steenbergen, Thomas Widmer 2018

Kurer, Thomas

The declining middle: Mass politics in times of automation Jane Gingrich, Silja Häusermann, Stefanie Walter 2018

Namhata, Chandreyee

Climate aid: A conceptual and empirical investigation Sebastian Fehrler, Katharina Michaelowa, Marco Steenbergen 2018

Rommel, Tobias

Foreign direct investment and the politics of autocratic survival Svend-Erik Skaaning, Marco Steenbergen, Stefanie Walter 2018

Spirig, Judith

Like cases alike or asylum lottery? Inconsistency in judicial decision making at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court Benjamin E. Lauderdale, Heiko Rauhut, David Soskice, Marco Steenbergen 2018

Strebel, Michael

Public support for metropolitan integration. Citizens’ attitudes in eight West European metropolitan areas Daniel Kübler, Anders Lindström, Marco Steenbergen 2018

Weber, Edward

Politik von Unten: Populismus in der Schweiz Marco Steenbergen, Hanspeter Kriesi 2018

Zamora, Patrik

Political simulation games in civic education Beatrice Ziegler, Daniel Kübler 2018

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