FAQ Changing from Licentiate to BA

Advice: Please read the FAQs thoroughly before you make an appointment for a personal consultation with the Student Advisor.

Is it possible to change from the Licentiate to the BA degree program?

  • Without taking your former course achievements into account changing to the BA degree program is open to all students.
  • A change taking former course achievements into account is possible for major and first minor students, who completed the basic study period successfully and passed all intermediate exams.

Please go to the homepage of the Deanery of the Faculty of Arts (German only) for detailed information.

Please note: When transferring to the BA degree program for your major, you will have to complete your minor(s) in the BA degree program too. Therefore take note of the accordant conditions of your other academic subjects, thus the other departments or even faculties.

When is a change to the BA degree program possible?

Change requests can be handed in at the end of each term. You may find detailed information on the homepage of the Deanery (German only).

Who is responsible for the acceptance and accreditation of course achievements?

According to the Rahmenordnung für das Studium in den Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen (§25) the Faculty of Arts decides on acceptance and accreditation of achievements supported by suggestions made by the concerning institute. The Deanery checks if transferring is formally alright, i.e. if the intermediate exams of all subjects were completed successfully and if the new combination of subjects is possible. The acceptance and accreditation thus becomes the business of your major and minor fields of study.

Which achievements and to which extent can be accredited for a BA degree?

In principle, all your Licentiate course achievements in Political Science will be accepted. When it comes to accreditation of your Licentiate achievements, the relevant guidelines and study regulations (in German only) are effective.

  • Transferring from the Licentiate major or first minor to the BA major:
    Apart from the intermediate exams (worth 60 CP) other course achievements of the Licentiate degree program may be taken into account provided that they are consistent with the curriculum of the BA degree program. Please note, that at least 40 CP must be obtained being enrolled in the BA degree program itself. The learning agreement is authoritative for this.
  • Transferring from the Licentiate second minor:
    The accreditation of course achievements to the BA minor (30 CP) is carried out “sur dossier”.
  • Transferring from the major or first minor to the BA minor (30 CP):
    All required achievements are presumed to be fulfilled with taking the intermediate exams (worth 60 CP) fully into account.

What does a learning agreement embody?

A learning agreement for BA major students contains a list of all:

  • BA courses (total of 60 CP) accounted for by having successfully completed the intermediate exam;
  • additional Licentiate course achievements, which may be accounted for the BA degree (a maximum of 20 CP "sur dossier");
  • further BA course achievements, which will have to be accomplished in order to obtain the BA diploma.

How does the transfer work at the IPZ?

  1. Students make an appointment with the Student Advisor of the IPZ in order to discuss the learning agreement.
  2. Students hand in the Antrag zum Übertritt vom Lizenziats- in den Bachelorstudiengang and a written confirmation of their passed intermediate exams (copy of the blue card) at the Deanery.
  3. The Deanery accepts the requests and informs the concerned fields of study and the student about their decision.
  4. The Deanery prompts the Admissions office to perform the transfer from the Licentiate to the BA degree program that is defined by the major field of study.

Do I still need a second minor?

All the possible combinations of subjects are put down in the appendix of the Rahmenordnung für das Studium in den Bachelor- und Master-Studiengängen an der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich(German only).

The BA major in Political Science equals 120 CP. A complete BA degree comprehends a total of 180 CP. This means you still have 60 CP left. These must be attended either as a so called large minor (1x 60 CP) or as two small minors (2x 30 CP).

I changed to the BA degree program last semester and am unhappy about my decision. Can I change back to the Licentiate degree program?

No, you can't. The Licentiate degree program will be discontinued in 2015. Therefore no new students are accepted anymore.

The change to the BA degree program is mandatory and can't be cancelled afterwards.

I have just carried out a change to the BA degree program this term. Now I would like to book the course "Vertiefung XY" (engl. Consolidation XY) online, which does not seem to work. What is wrong?

This is due to the fact, that the tool for booking modules doesn't recognize, that you have already accomplished the corresponding 'Kernkompetenz' (engl. Core competence) as a Licentiate student. In order to book any 'Vertiefungen' you will thus have to contact the person in charge for modules at IPZ.

The same holds true for booking a 'Spezialisierung' (engl. Specialization), in case the corresponding 'Vertiefung' was accomplished while you were still enrolled in the Licentiate degree program.

Who can I turn to if I have any further questions?

For questions relating to the major or minor in Political Science, please consult the Student Advisor of the IPZ.

For questions relating to other majors or minors, please consult the respective department or faculty. You may find the addresses here.