Study structure

The Master's studies in Political Science (monomaster or major) usually takes 4 semesters. A part-time study is, however, possible. You can find detailed information about all our Master courses under the links in the right column.

Structure Master Programs Political Science Mono (120), Major 90


MA-Seminar(s) Focus (MA-Seminare Schwerpunkt)

These seminars, which are offered in the fall semester, are the prerequisite for attending a research seminar in the following spring semester. At the same time, however, they can also be visited as a 'normal' elective seminar (Wahlseminar MA). This means that you only have to decide in winter whether you want to extend this seminar to a research seminar or not. You have to complete at least one MA seminar focus (and then the related research seminar), but you can also visit several of them. For each research seminar, there is also a focus seminar.

Research Seminar(s) Focus

In the monomaster (120KP), you must attend at least two research seminars (three are possible), at least one (two is possible) in the major (90KP). The research seminars will be offered in the spring semester and will require the successful completion of the respective focus seminar in the fall semester. Research seminars prepare the students to write the master thesis.


The two courses "Advanced Methods in Political Science I and II" are given during the first year of study in the fall and spring semesters. This provides you with a basis of methodological tools in both the quantitative and qualitative fields of research.

Master Colloquium

The Master's colloquium must be attended at the same time as the Master's thesis. In this course, the students will present to the others their research design for the Master thesis and will receive valuable feedback from the fellow students about the process of the work. The Master colloquium is a compulsory module.

Master Thesis

The Master's thesis is the first major research work and is credited with 30 ECTS. For the completion of the Master's thesis, the second year of study (in addition to not yet completed courses and election seminars) is available.

MA Elective Seminar(s)

In the monomaster, a total of 10 seminars will be attended, in the major 5. This number being composed of focus seminars and elective seminars. The one-semester elective seminars can be completed at any time during the entire study period. MA seminars, which are not specifically marked as a focus respectively Schwerpunkt, can not lead to a research seminar in the spring.

Graduation of studies

Note that you must register for the graduation of the Master's degree. You have to do this in your performance overview (Leistungsübersicht) between the 15th and 30th March / October. It is not possible to graduate without registration. More information can be found on the website of the Studiendekanat (German only).