Restrictions & conditions

All MA students with a BA degree from another university or without adequate methodological training must complete a one-semester refresher course of the MACIS on the subject of methods, which corresponds to a fast version of our course "Applied Methods of Political Science" at BA level. This can usually be done while completing the other methods courses.

Introduction to quantitative Methods

If you have little or no knowledge of methods in Political Science on Bachelor's level, you must make up our Bachelors' methodological training before starting the method courses in the Master. This consists of the modules

Einführung in die Menthoden der Politikwissenschaft (German)


Applied methods of Political Science.

If you do lack other content prerequisities, you have to attend courses to work it up. The courses to be completed are marked individually on your approval notice (Zulassungsbescheid). If you have any questions, please contact us (