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Department of Political Science


Students are required to take the examination belonging to every booked module. If the student does not attend the exam, this will be graded with the mark 1. 

General information sheet on performance assessments at the IPZ

Procedure for absences

Examinations in compulsory (Pflichtmodule) and core elective modules (Wahlpflichtmodule) can be carried out in the same semester if prevented by a valid reason. Valid reasons for this are, for example, illness, collisions with examination dates of other subjects at the University of Zurich and military and civil protection services. Participation in a catch-up date is subject to approval.
To do so, submit the form for examination dispension (Prüfungsdispens, see here) or examination collision (Prüfungskollision, see here) to the examination delegate by maximum 5 working days after the regular examination date. Information on the exact procedure can be found on the corresponding application form. If participation is granted, the new examination date must be attended (unless there is another valid reason).

Written papers

All deadlines set by the lecturers must be strictly adhered to. This applies to electronic and written versions. In the event of illness or other compelling exceptions, the IPZ allows for an extension of the deadline for submitting the written work. Any extension of the deadline must be granted in advance for each individual module by the examination delegate against submission of supporting documents (medical certificate, etc.). The supporting documents, together with the valid form (PDF, 25 KB) (German only) and a copy of the Legi, must be sent unsolicitedly in full and on time to the examination delegate and the lecturers must be informed accordingly. Too late submissions will no longer be accepted and will be given a grade of 1.

Weiterführende Informationen

Questions & uncertainties

If you have any questions or if there are uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact our exam delegate (

Problems and worries

If you are afraid of examinations and are seriously worried, please contact the Psychological Counselling Centre. In case of learning and concentration problems, please consult our tips for learning and working as well as for exam preparation (German only).