Master in Political Science

The Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich offers two Master programs. One of them at the IPZ itself (information on this website), the other in cooperation with the ETH Zurich at the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) (information on the CIS website).

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Of politicians, professors and personalities

Today's CVs are diverse and at the same time highly individual. Streamlined specialists are an end-of-life model in the constantly changing world of work. Whether you are looking for a career in science, public administration or private business, the challenging MA program in Political Science offers you the tools you need. Study at the highest academic level es flexible and individual as yourself. The breadth of the study offer is the uniqueness of our training. Students choose their focus, we offer the appropriate context.

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi introduces our Master's program (German only)

You want a lot at the same time? Go with us!

You can not choose between two study subjects? Then study both. The strength of our consecutive master is the additional qualification through a secondary subject. You would like to work at the interface between business and politics with focus in China? The possible study combination would be political science (HF), economics or business economics (small NF) and sinology (small NF). Are you interested in an academic career? You choose political science (HF) and philosophy (big NF). Do you want to get into the policy advice? You are studying Political Science (HF), Journalism (small NF) and Sociology (small NF). The combination options are almost unrestricted (depending on BA background) (see here).
No matter what direction you take, the core of our Master's is a broadly based methodology. This comes directly to the application by our strong focus on the research in close cooperation with the professors. Through our internship program, you will also be able to get valuable contacts from business, politics and the public administration, which will pay off later for the entry into professional life. The variety of possible study combinations offers the best possible room for your personal strengths and interests. Focus on your strengths and discover new talents. We will accompany you.