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The department's management, coordination and administration of its resources and activities is carried out by the department management, especially in the field of teaching. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the department.

Head of the Department

Head of Department Vice Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi
Room: AFL-H-313
Prof. Dr. Silja Häusermann
Room: AFL-H-314
Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi
Prof. Dr. Silja Häusermann
The department's head is responsible for the strategic management of the department, as well as for its representation against faculty and university management and the public. The head of the department has a deputy, the vice head of the department. The department's conference is headed by the department's head, who is also responsible for the department's budgets, and the distribution of resources within it. In cooperation with all the professors of the department, it is responsible for the IPZ's study programs. The department's management is involved in chair planning as well as in the preparation of appointments. The department management is appointed for a term of four years at the request of the extended department management.

Study program management

Prof. Dr. Marco Steenbergen
Room: AFL-H-335
E-Mail: Study program management

Prof. Dr. Marco Steenbergen

The study program management is responsible for the conception, development and profiling of the study offer in all formats of the study program and supervises the quality of the teaching in the study programs. The study program manager is the contact person of the Office of Student Affairs (Studiendekanat). It is supported by the management of the IPZ, the CM administration and the study counseling and examination delegation.

Managing Director and Doctoral Programme Manager

Dr. Petra Holtrup
Room: AFL-H-318
E-Mail: petra.holtrup@pw.uzh.ch

Dr. Petra Holtrup Mostert

As managing director, I support the department's strategic and planning responsibility. My main task is the organization of the department, the coordination and organization of the central processes in cooperation with the staff of the department administration.

My tasks include:

  • committee coordination
  • organizational management of the department
  • financial planning and control
  • personnel planning
  • planning of infrastructures and rooms
  • public relations work
  • quality assurance and evaluation
  • curriculum Development
  • planning of teaching and teaching assignment
  • coordination of the doctoral program
  • examination of the dossiers before admission to the doctoral program
  • further development of the curricula and the doctoral theses
  • counseling of doctoral students
  • coordination with the competent authorities in the dean's office and the Student Administration Office

Staff of the administration


Lila Ziegler

Niloufar Razzaghinejad

Room: AFL-H-320

The pool secretariat is the central point of contact for the Department of Political Science. Lila Ziegler is responsible for matters of concern and information of all kinds. We ask students to observe the opening hours.

  • general secretarial services
  • post office and administration
  • financial accounting and reporting of the chairs at the IPZ
  • expense reports
  • supervision and management of third-party funding of the Chair
  • telephony (telecom delegates)
  • order management, key management, material management
  • journalist requests
  • archiving
  • organization of meetings, travel and conferences
  • first stop for employees of the chair in organizational matters
  • supervision of international academic guests and lecturers of the chair

Academic advisor

Ursina Wälchli, M.A.

Room: AFL-H-316

  • study advice
  • information events
  • study regulations / regulations / information sheets
  • confirmations for the students

Examination delegate and internship program

Naome Czisch, Dipl.

Rooms: AFL-H-316

  • examination organization
  • medical certificates
  • recourses
  • deadline extensions for written work
  • MA applications
  • MA credits
  • MA approvals
  • MA degrees
  • subject bans
  • internship program


Lucja Bernhart

Room: AFL-H-317

  • mobility advice for students
  • signing of learning agreements (incoming / outgoing)
  • examination of dossiers for the recognition of external study achievements
  • maintaining contacts with partner universities and developing this network
  • transfer of credits

Campus Management Supervisor, Administration MA/BA

Erika Leuenberger

Room: AFL-H-315

  • course planning
  • administration of the curriculum
  • teaching assignments
  • publication of the semester offer in the course catalogue
  • room and resource management
  • module bookings and module booking problems
  • posting of student's study achievements
  • disagreements in Transcript of Records
  • examination of the study progress before the completion of the study
  • evaluations from SAP, Campus Management
  • Master theses
  • exams administration

Library management - Presence library IPZ

Christine Lercher

The library at the IPZ is a presence library. The tasks include above all:

  • inventory management and preservation (monographs, periodicals, gray literature, etc.)
  • acquisition of literature
  • data input
  • literature research
  • information transfers
  • lending to department's members
  • cataloging
  • ZORA

Human resources, controlling

Daniela Dombrowski, lic. phil.

Room: AFL-H-315

  • HR officer IPZ
  • administration, planning and information tasks: uniform personnel and equipment control and information to professors (setting up and developing the reporting system)
  • controlling guidelines including maintenance and updating
  • administration of third-party funds: administrative management of outstanding accounts, information / advising of creditors, coordination of projects (with donors, UZH legal services, management of third parties, etc.)
  • contact person for external bodies (in particular the Personnel Department, Dept. of Accounting, Legal Services, Office of Economic Affairs and Labor, Migration Office)
  • department's internal point of contact in the event of work conflicts

IT support staff

Przemyslaw Schmidt

Room: AFL-H-348a

  • first- and second-level support for employees
  • IT consulting for the various professorships and research areas
  • support of employees as required
  • support and support of IT projects
  • maintenance of hardware and software
  • administration of the department accounts, including user accounts and e-mail addresses

Niloufar Razzaghinejad

Web, Newsletter & Social Media

Room: AFL-H-320