Philipp Kerler

Philipp Kerler, M.Sc.


Phone: +41 44 634 24 57

Curriculum vitae

Philipp Kerler is a Ph.D. student of Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa at the chair of Political Economy of Developing Countries. Priorly, he worked for Dr. Kai Gehring on the research project "Threats to the stability of nations? Identities, Resources and Conflict“. In Novermber 2017 he completed his education at the University of Konstanz with a M.Sc. in Economics. In his thesis he analyzed the causal effect of land ownership on female empowerment in India. For this project he organized a crowd-funded three month field trip for data collection. During his Bachelor and Master studies in Konstanz he worked as a research assistant for Prof Dr. Heinrich Ursprung at the chair of Political Economy and as a teaching assistant for mathematics for economists. His research interest lies in development economics and political economy.