Flavia Caroni

Flavia Caroni


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Curriculum Vitae

Flavia Caroni studied Political Science, Social Sciences and Economics at the Universities of Bern and Bologna from 2011 to 2017. Her Master’s thesis examined the implementation of popular initiatives in Switzerland. In addition to her studies, she worked for several years as author of the chapter Social Security at Année Politique Suisse at the University of Bern. Flavia Caroni has been an assistant and doctoral candidate at the Chair for Democracy Research and Public Governance at the University of Zurich since October 2017. As part of her dissertation project, she examines the strategies and activities of authorship of popular initiatives in the signature collection process. She is interested in direct democracy, Swiss politics, questions of democracy and qualitative research methods. In addition to her research, Flavia Caroni teaches a module at the Bachelor level entitled "Popular initiative: Switzerland as a door opener for an international perspective" and supervises the lecture "Introduction to Swiss Politics" by Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler.