Loriana Crâsnic

Loriana Crâsnic, Dr.


Phone: +41 44 634 58 41



Curriculum vitae

Loriana Crasnic is a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of International Relations and International Political Economy, having received her PhD in Government from Georgetown University in September 2017. Previously Loriana studied political science at Northwestern University (B.A.), and Sciences Po and Fudan University (M.A.). Her research explores the performance of global economic and financial regimes focusing on generally neglected international actors. In her dissertation Loriana examined the limits of hegemonic coercion by analysing offshore financial center resistance strategies with respect to the new international tax and transparency regime. Loriana also delved into other substantive topics including sovereign debt restructuring, transnationalization of state authority, and the emergence of new international institutions on the global stage.

Research interests

International Political Economy, International Organizations, Financial Globalization, Transnational Authority, Business-Government Relations, Black Markets