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Department of Political Science

Dieter Ruloff

Dieter Ruloff, Prof. Dr.

  • Em. professor of International Relations

Dieter Ruloff is Professor of Political Science (International Relations) at the University of Zurich and has been director at the Department for Political Science for 12 years. Research and teaching of his group address issues of peace and security, US and European foreign policy, international cooperation, international monetary policies, and international and European regulatory policies. Most recent publications of his group include Dieter Ruloff: Wie Kriege beginnen: Ursachen und Formen (3. compl. revised edition, C.H. Beck, 2004) and Christian Brütsch and Dirk Lehmkuhl (eds.): Law and Legalization in Transnational Relations (Routledge, 2007 (forthcoming)).

Research Questions

What are the variables that explain patterns of unilateral, bilateral or multilateral cooperation in international politics? What explains the choice for particular instruments? How do international organizations work, and what explains their success or failure? What is the role of non-state actors in international politics? How are they organized, and how do they interact with states, international organizations and with each other?




Research Projects