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Department of Political Science

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klöti

5.6.1943 - 5.2.2006

Chair for Swiss Politics

Born in 1943; Commercial diploma in Business Management in Bern, Matura in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Studied Sociology, Economics and Political Science in Bern, Princeton and Ann Arbor, 1968 lic. rer. pol., 1972 PhD. From 1973-1980 director secretary of the Swiss Chancellor, then professor of Political Science (Domestic Politics / Comparative Politics). 1988-2000 head of the Institute for Political Science (formerly Research Center for Political Science). From 2004 until his death on February 5, 2006, Vice-Rector for teaching at the University of Zurich.

Research Focus

Government and Administration, Votes and Elections, Policy-Analyses and Evaluation, Federalims and Urban Issues.

Ulrich Kloeti Award (RC27)

The Ulrich Kloeti Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Study of Public Policy, Administration, and Institutions is given in honor of Ulrich Kloeti, a founding member of  IPSA’s Research Committee 27 on the Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) and its co-chair for ten years.

It is presented annually to a scholar who has made exceptional contributions to research in the field through a sustained career. Awardees must have involved themselves significantly within RC27 - Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) - both with respect to research and leadership.

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