Prof. Dr. Daniel Frei

29.10.1940 - 1.8.1988

Professorship for Political Science

Prof. Dr. Daniel Frei, born October 29, 1940 in St. Gallen, died August 1, 1988 in Zurich, citizen of Diepoldsau / SG, was the first professor of political science at the University of Zurich. He studied history at the University of Zurich, where he did his doctorate in 1964 with a thesis on "Promotion of Swiss national awareness after the collapse of the old Confederation in 1798" and did his post-doctoral studies at the London School of Economics and the institute universitaire de hautes études internationales in Geneva. In 1968 he habilitated at the University of Zurich with the thesis "Dimensions of neutral politics" and in 1971 he received the newly created professorship for political science with a special focus on International Relations. Daniel Frei has made significant contributions to the development of political science in Switzerland, not least due to his research on Security Policy and East-West Relations. From the mid-1970s on, he was considered the most distinguished Swiss-German representative of his field. From 1986 on Frei was a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC, from 1976 on he was also a delegate from the Swiss Institute for Foreign Research (SIAF).