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Department of Political Science

Klaus Armingeon

Klaus Armingeon, Prof. Dr.

  • Associated researcher

Curriculum vitae

Klaus Armingeon is an associate researcher at the IPZ, a visiting professor at various Italian universities and Professor Emeritus of Comparative and European Politics at the University of Bern. He studied political science and Eastern European history in Tübingen, received his doctorate from the University of Konstanz and habilitated at the University of Heidelberg. He did research and taught in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the USA. His research focuses on comparative political economy and sociology as well as European integration, where he worked based on individual and macro data on topics such as the nation state and the EU, the political system of Switzerland in international comparison, austerity policy, liberalisation policy, labour relations, trade unions, political participation, inequality or the welfare state. He contributed to  large international comparative data sets such as the Comparative Political Data Set ( or the Liberalization Data Set (


Research Focus

Industrial relations, trade unions, welfare state, income inequality, political knowledge, political participation, European integration, austerity and liberalisation policies.