Curriculum vitae

Marcela Ibáñez is a post-doctoral academic guest with Prof. Katherina Michaelowa and the Political Economy and Development research group. She is a research associate at the Collaborative Research Center for Political Economy of Reforms and a research fellow and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Empirical Democracy Research at the University of Mannheim. Marcela holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Mannheim and a master’s degree in Security Studies from Charles University in Prague. She was a teaching associate at the Chair of Political Economy at the University of Mannheim and a research fellow at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES).
Her Ph.D. thesis (University of Mannheim, 2022) studies the microfoundations of rebel-to-party transformation, focusing on intra-party politics in former rebel parties, post-conflict political participation, equality of opportunity, and strategic political communication after civil war. Methodologically, she resorts to (quasi)experimental designs, survey design, quantitative text analysis, and process tracing. Her research interests include party politics, post-conflict studies, political communication, political behavior, policy reform, development economics, social media in social science research, and democracy digitalization.
Currently, she is working on projects related to strategic political communication, party politics after civil war, rebel group successor parties, security after peace agreements, political campaigning in post-conflict scenarios, equality of opportunity and vulnerability reduction in the aftermath of conflict, and a book manuscript based on her dissertation.