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In 1997, the department (IPZ, Department of Political Science) was established from the Research Center for Political Science, which had existed since 1971, and the discipline was enhanced into a major study subject. During the following years, the department has successively expanded to a total of 15 chairs and research areas. In the autumn of 2004, the bookstocks of the two departmental libraries, as well as the internal policy / comparative policy, were brought together to form the IPZ library.

After several relocations in recent years, the Department of Political Science has been located in Zurich-Oerlikon since June 2010, in the modern Cityport building on Affolternstrasse 56. The current portfolio comprises about 33,000 documents and around 50 journals and is available in electronic format in the electronic catalogue "Rechercheportal der Universität Zürich/Zentralbibliothek Zürich".

The stock of the library mainly comprises research literature on Political Science. The focus lies on the areas of methods and Comparative Political Science (in particular country studies).

Older editions of journals and series are in the Magazin. You will get access if you contact our library team. In addition, more than 500 licentiate work and all master theses (from 2011 on), which have been written in Political Science in the last years, are available. If you do not find a document on the shelf, you can find it in the office of one of our staff members or in a Handapparat of a teaching course and make copies.

Many documents, which are available in the IPZ library (presence library), are also available in the Zentralbibliothek Zürich, the Sozialarchiv or in other department libraries in Zurich. It is often possible to order books from other libraries, eg. from Bern or Basel, and have them delivered to the ZB (cost per document CHF 5). Also returning them there is possible.