In the autumn of 2004, the bookstocks of the two departmental libraries of foreign policy and domestic policy / comparative policy were brought together into the IPZ library. The stock currently comprises about 26,000 books and about 50 ongoing journals and is listed in the IDS-Zürich electronic catalog.

The bookstock is ordered by these categories:

1 Reference books, bibliographies, manuals, encyclopedias
2 Statistics
3 Science theory
4 Methodology
5.1 Political Theories: Textbooks
5.2 Political Theories: Idea history
5.3 Studies on domestic policy
6.1 Switzerland: Studies
6.2 Switzerland: Official publications
6.3 Switzerland: Semi-official publications
7 Comparative Politics, Country studies
8 History
9 Sociology
10 Economics, Political Economy, Globalization
11 Law
12 Social psychology
13 Political education
14 Computer manuals
15 Ecology
16 International relations, general theories, introductions
17 Conflict and peace
18 NATO, disarmament, strategy
19 Third World, GATT, WTO
20 Governance, the UN, international organizations
21 EU, integration theories
22 neutrality, small states
23 Diplomacy and country studies on foreign policy
24 Diplomacy and country studies on foreign policy

A map of the library can be found here.