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Department of Political Science

IPZ Impact Award

IPZ Impact Award: cooperation with stakeholders outside of Academia

The IPZ values outreach. We are committed to contribute our findings and expertise beyond the relevant scientific communities.

One important form of outreach is cooperation with partners beyond Academia (stakeholders). We are convinced that such cooperation yields valuable impact for society. The new IPZ Impact Award focuses explicitly on this type of outreach.

What is the IPZ Impact Award all about?

The IPZ Impact Award honours research projects and endeavours with non-university cooperation partners. Eligible for nomination are a wide range of cooperation projects that generate impact, e.g. research collaboration with non-academic partners, a specific outreach-oriented publication in cooperation with a partner organization, a collaborative conference project, consulting or scientific advice for a non-academic partner, a teaching project, a capstone course, etc.

The goal of the IPZ Impact Award is the compilation and appreciation of all cooperative projects, with one particularly promising project being additionally highlighted. However, all projects will be recognized at the IPZ General Department Assembly in November. 

A jury including members of the IPZ (staff and students) will select one project each year from all the submitted cooperation projects. Beyond high scientific quality, the winning project should generate a potential to increase the added value of our research for society. Ideally, the collaborative project should effectively reach its target groups, stimulate innovative types of interactions between academia and social actors, or contribute in other ways to understanding and solving societal challenges.

The IPZ Impact Award is endowed with CHF 500 and will be awarded for the first time at the IPZ’s General Department Assembly in November.

Nomination for the IPZ Impact Award

Nomination process: Members of IPZ can nominate their own or others' projects. Projects can either be ongoing or completed in 2023.

Selection criteria: scientific quality and originality; gains for all cooperation partners; added value for society

Deadline: 15.09.2023; (start of the fall semester)

Required documents: A single document with the following information:

  1. Project title and project duration/period
  2. Participants of the project on both sides: IPZ (all names) and cooperation partner(s) (organisation, project partner)
  3. Short description of the project content (max. 300 words)
  4. Short description of the cooperation results achieved so far, as well as the (expected) added value of the cooperation (max. 300 words).

Selection committee: one member each of the Postdocs&PhDs (Mittelbau), ATP, students, Professors and senior researchers/external lecturers.

Please submit your nominations to: