IPZ Mission Statement

We are committed to…


 … pursuing internationally leading research, addressing important questions with innovative theories and methods. 

… an international publication culture, prizing publications in internationally leading journals and presses. 

… using research findings to inform public debates. 

… creating and maintaining a cooperative research culture both within the department and with other institutions. 


… a broad education of outstanding academic quality, taking into account the breadth and diversity of political science as a discipline in the context of integrated programs with clear profiles. 

… the transfer of research into teaching and to research-based learning. 

… a strong theoretical and methodological training, enabling students to think independently and to conduct high-quality research. 

… MA and PhD programs that are internationally competitive and research-oriented. 

… the diversity of our students’ professional careers by including practical elements, soft skills, and internship options in the BA and MA curricula. 

Next Generation

… involving students in research as early as possible, starting with the BA thesis as well as with research assistant opportunities. 

… the pursuit of an academic career as the main goal of PhD training and Postdoc positions, while recognizing and supporting other career goals. 

… supporting PhD students and Postdocs in the pursuit of an academic career by offering the best possible framework conditions for academic research. 

… supporting PhD students and Postdocs to publish their work in internationally leading journals and presses. 

… the successful training and support of PhD students and Postdocs as the responsibility of the entire department and not only as the task of a single professor or chair.


… valuing diversity as a strength for the department. 

… identifying and supporting the relevant groups. 

… supporting the UZH Gender & Diversity Policy as an integral part of our mission statement (https://www.uzh.ch/cmsssl/en/about/basics/diversity.html


… valuing public outreach and are committed to making scientific findings, as well as the social relevance of its research, visible and understandable beyond academia. 

… bearing a responsibility to the public at large by providing a scholarly foundation for self-reflection in society and contributing toward its positive development.