Teaching and supervision

The Chair of Comparative Politics has a large offering of courses at bachelor, master and PhD level, ranging from broad introductory courses to specialized seminars. The complete course materials are available on OLAT for students only: lecture slides, syllabi, readings, datasets, instructions for exercises, blogs for comments on texts, links to databases and data archives, etc. Below, information is provided on courses, office hours, references and supervision.

Professor Caramani is the Director of the Doctoral Programme "Democracy Studies" and organizes the Swiss Summer School on Democracy in 2018 on "Populism". Eri Bertsou is the convenor of the Masters Colloquium.




Fall semester

Office hours

Office hours take place during term exclusively, and they are indicated in the syllabus for each course or seminar. Other dates can be arranged. Please email for an appointment.



Students are welcome to request a reference, by writing to caramani@ipz.uzh.chbertsou@ipz.uzh.ch and koedam@ipz.uzh.ch

The following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Have attended one of the main courses and passed with a grade of at least 5.0.
  2. Have participated in tutorials, submitted written work in the form of seminar papers, statistical analyses and/or a bachelor dissertation (with grade of 5.0 or more).

No more than three candidates will be recommended for the same programme, scholarship or grant. The criterion is first-come-first-serve assuming the conditions above are fulfilled. Also, the same student will not be recommended for more than three programmes, scholarships or grants.


Supervision for bachelor dissertations are arranged in the third-year Specialization.
For supervision of master dissertations at the Department see the following guidelines (MA-Richtlinien (PDF, 37 KB)). For master dissertations of the MACIS see information at "Master's at CIS"

Supervision for doctoral dissertation must be discussed in person. Please write to caramani@ipz.uzh.ch