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Department of Political Science

Doctoral dissertation: The Substantive Representation of Migrant-Origin Citizens in Europe (Nathalie Faoro)

My dissertation aims to contribute to a better understanding of the substantive representation of Immigrant-origin Individuals (IOI). Only recently, research has started paying attention to the substantive representation of IOI but the focus has so far been exclusively on the link between descriptive and substantive representation of IOI and the extent to which migrant-origin MPs engage in migrant-related legislative behaviour. Based on comparative legislative data and roll-calls from European countries my PhD project adds to the current research by investigating (1) the extent to which (and why) countries differ with regard to the substantive representation of IOI in parliament irrespective of who initiates the policies (descriptive representation) (2) the cross-national variation of content of substantive representation of IOI, and (3) the impact of substantive representation on the support and trust of IOI as measures through individual survey data.

Related papers:

  • Paper on “Political Attitudes of Immigrants across Generations and Citizenship Regimes”, at the ECPR General Conference, Prague, September 7-10, 2016.