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Department of Political Science

The Nationalization of Politics (Daniele Caramani)

Stein Rokkan Prize in Comparative Social Science Research

Comparative and long-term study on the macro-historical process of the nationalisation of politics. Using a large wealth of newly collected and unexplored data on single constituencies in 17 West European countries, the analysis reconstructs the territorial structures of electoral participation and support for political parties, as well as their evolution since the mid-nineteenth century from highly territorialised politics of early competitive elections toward nation-wide alignments. It provides a multi-pronged empirical analysis through time, across countries, and between party families. The inclusion of all the most importan social and political cleavages (class, state–church, rural–urban, ethno-linguistic, and religious) allows to assess the nationalising impact of the left–right dimension that emerged from the National and Industrial Revolutions, and the resistance of pre-industrial cultural and centre-periphery factors to national integration. State formation, institutional, and socio-political mobilisation models are combined with actor-centered explanatory factors to account for key evolutionary steps and differences between national types of territorial configurations of the vote.


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  • A panel on the nationalisation of politics in Central and Eastern Europe since 1989 has been organised at the Budapest ECPR general conference to compare it with processes in Western Europe analysed in The Nationalization of Politics (CUP, 2004).