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Department of Political Science

Textbook project: “Comparative Politics” textbook (OUP) (Daniele Caramani)

“Comparative Politics” is an exciting and authoritative introduction to one of the most important fields of political science. International experts explore the methods and theories of comparative politics, as well as the institutions, actors, processes, and policies at the heart of political systems around the world. Alongside discussion of the key themes, students are presented with a wealth of empirical data to demonstrate similarities and differences in practice, and to encourage research. By focussing on industrial and developing countries, together with political bodies and systems above and below the level of the nation state, this textbook provides a fully comprehensive account of the discipline. The fifth is published in 2020.


  • Caramani, Daniele (ed.), Comparative Politics: Oxford University Press (2020, fifth edition) with Online Resource Centre providing comparative data, test banks, web links, PowerPoint slides, country profiles, glossary, review questions, seminar activities, etc. The textbook is also enhanced by the Comparative Politics Trove (OUP).