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Department of Political Science

Parties and Party Systems in Europe since 1945: A Bibliography (Stefano Bartolini, Daniele Caramani, Simon Hug)

A complete bibliography has been compiled for all titles on European parties and party systems published in the world in all languages. Each title has been translated into English and computerised according to the usual bibliographical keys and according to 16 topics, 13 party families, the country treated, the type of study (case-study, comparative work, etc.), the publishing country, the publishing language, and the type of publication (article, monograph, chapter in edited book, working paper, etc.). The bibliography includes around 11,500 items and is stored on a CD-ROM. The article published in the EJPR presents part of the thorough quantitative analysis of the literature and its evolution since 1945 included in the book and CD-ROM. In collaboration with Stefano Bartolini (European University Institute) and Simon Hug (University of Geneva). Project initiated by Hans Daalder end 1970s.


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