Office hours

Prof. Dr. Marco Steenbergen

Prof. Steenbergen holds office hours on Mondays, 13–15 in his office AFL-H-335. There is no need for an appointment. Contact Prof. Steenbergen for a meeting outside of office hours.

Dr. Thomas Milic

Dr. Milic holds office hours on Mondays, 14:00–15:45 in the office AFL-H-308There is no need for an appointment. 

Garret Binding

Garret Binding holds office hours on Tuesdays, 10–12 in his office AFL-H-334. There is no need for an appointment.

Benjamin Schlegel / R Helpdesk

The R help desk gives IPZ affiliates (i.e. BA/MA students) the opportunity to get help on any and all R related questions and problems.

The R Helpdesk takes place in HS21 on Monday, 09:00 - 11:00 in the office H-343 at AFL or in Microsoft Teams and is lead by Benjamin Schlegel. Please register via E-Mail (

There is an R Helpdesk Group in Microsoft Teams. Everybody who needs support can go to and log in with their E-Mail address (with university password). Under "Teams" click on "Team beitreten oder erstellen" and afterwards tip the code g5b21f8 in the field "Einem Team mit einem Code beitreten".